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Joseph Collins Jr is a presidential candidate that represents Jewish values? Presidential Candidate Joseph Collins, Jr. is embraced by the Jewish Community and has the support of noted rabbis. Collins, who is a Christian, understands how to treat people with respect, which is why he provided his television studios so that the Jewish community could worship without disruption.

He also helped create an environment that would foster friendship and understanding among different religious groups. With such strong backing from the Jewish community, this candidate’s has a commitment to honoring our shared heritage and protecting all people – no matter their religion or beliefs. This fact could not be more clearer. Support Collins as the next President of the United States and ensure your voice is heard within government! Support Presidential Candidate Joseph Collins Jr. for the Jewish Community today!

Joseph Collins, Jr., Founder and CEO of Punch TV Studios and Urban TV Network (URBT) was embraced by the Jewish community when he opened the Los Angeles Pico Blvd studio doors for their Passover services. His willingness to both open his business, as well as inviting other synagogues and temples, demonstrates that Joseph is fully committed to giving back whenever possible. He remains an example not only of philanthropy, but also of difference-making in one’s everyday life. He was blessed by the Rabbi’s for his willingness to open his arms and his studio to the Jewish community.

Not only did his gesture of generosity demonstrate a desire to promote religious freedom and acceptance, it also showed an appreciation for connecting with one’s cultural heritage that resonated deeply with many local Jewish families. It took a remarkable degree of courage for Joseph Collins, Jr. to make this kind gesture, which ultimately was embraced by the Jewish community with great enthusiasm.

Presidential Candidate Joseph Collins Jr. stands with the Jewish community
Taking action on this issue
  • Community remains a value held with the highest of importance.
  • Joseph Collins Jr. being blessed by the Rabbi reminds him daily of how important community actually is.
  • Ultimately, it is because of the wonderful sense of security, unity and continuity that comes from having such a tight-knit community
  • The Jewish community is an excellent example of how to stay connected.

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