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"I will provide easy access to funding for small business"

Joseph Collins Jr. believes in entrepreneurship. When he is elected President, he will provide easier access to funding for small businesses.
The backbone of our economy is entrepreneurship – for that reason alone, it should be an essential priority to foster growth and opportunity for those who take risks to create and run businesses.

The Small Business Association (SBA) has been instrumental in helping small businesses in many ways throughout the years. It is crucial that we expand the powers of this invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners and allow it to play an even bigger role in the funding of these enterprises. By expanding the resources available through the SBA, small business owners would have greater access to capital that can be deposited into their checkout systems and used as working capital or employee training funds. Furthermore, this additional capital could help a new business get off the ground or could provide a burst of fuel to propel an existing one forward. With more money centralized at the disposal of small businesses, our nation is sure to benefit from greater economic growth, job creation and financial stability.

We need to look beyond the confusing numbers on jobs, the economy, and inflation and focus on key issues such as infrastructure planning and job training. That way, new entrepreneurs have the support they need to succeed in a changing economy while giving back to their community. It is only when we prioritize laws and regulations which are supportive of small business development that our economy can thrive.

Taking action on this issue

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  • All citizens have access to the resources and opportunities they need to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Entreprenuers should be the driving force of our economy.
  • Entrepreneurs are essential to creating jobs, fostering innovation and building vibrant local ecosystems.
  • It is important to remember that job growth, inflation, and GDP carries meaning beyond the spreadsheets.

Take part in the building of a brighter future

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