Medicare and Social Security

As President, Joseph Collins Jr. will make Medicare and Social Security his top priority. He understands that the current solvency is in dire straits due to aging populations across the United States. The effects of the aging population, coupled with rising costs, mean that both Social Security and Medicare will face difficulties in the long term if we do not change the way they are currently funded. We must look at the various ways we can secure the financing of these vital programs, so that they can continue to provide services and protection to current and future retirees and aged citizens.

The rising cost of inflation has led to devastating results for our elderly, many of whom are relying more and more heavily on Social Security benefits just to get by. We need to increase Social Security payouts immediately to help seniors who are dealing with inflation. We owe it to our senior citizens who have dedicated so much time and effort towards enriching our communities and country. Finding effective solutions to backup Social Security is not only a moral imperative but also a crucial step in maintaining economic growth. Our older population depends on these benefits as part of their fixed income. It’s time that we take a firm stance to protect the well-being of our seniors that have spent most of their life devoted to other people — it’s the right thing to do.

We need to work together on this issue to ensure social security, Medicare and other important programs have a stable funding base now and into the future. It is now imperative that immediate action is taken to find different ways of funding these vital programs; if we fail to do so, future elderly members of society will be severely affected. It is no longer an option for Americans to look on passively and hope for a solution; we must look at innovative ways for financing these systems going forward. The security of the nation’s pensioners hangs in the balance.

Taking action on this issue
  • Medicare and social security must be over-hauled in order to provide services and protection to aged citizens.
  • State goverments, employers and entities need to work together to ensure medicare and social security have a stable funding base.
  • We must look at new funding options in order to ensure these vital programs.
  • It is no longer and option for Americans to look on passively and hope for a solution.

Take part in the building of a brighter future

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