Securities and Exchange Commission Reform Act

Presidential candidate Joseph Collins, Jr. has spent years creating opportunities for entrepreneurs. He has found that many entrepreneurs are unsuccessful because of their inability to obtain capital, although the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was created to provide the necessary pathway to capital. The SEC has failed these entrepreneurs. It must be reformed. It has become a system that enforces penalties instead of educating entrepreneurs. Without sufficient education and knowledge of the system, those unfamiliar with it often face the loss of investment opportunities or worse – financial penalties. This threatens innovation and growth, which are essential ingredients for a healthy economy. It is therefore imperative that steps are taken towards reform through better education and access to resources so that entrepreneurs can be empowered to succeed within these systems.

This lack of access to capital means that members of the urban community especially are cut off from growing their businesses and accessing vital resources. At present, there is no system in place that provides education to entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the various systems for equity investments. If everything was left back in the hands of investment bankers, whole communities would be cut off from such opportunities as capital accessibility or even having a chance to grow their businesses. With an emphasis on education over penalties, companies would have a chance at equal access and equitable investment opportunities without fear of reprisal or loss due to their lack of knowledge. For this reason, reforming the SEC is critical to providing education rather than punishing people for ignorance on such matters.

Joseph Collins, Jr., was one of the first CEOs in America to use Regulation A (The Jobs Act). He believes that regulatory reform is essential to the success of companies seeking capital. His suggested reform comes in the form of the Securities Exchange Commission Reform Act which seeks to cut back on regulatory red tape and allow businesses to take risks with fewer restrictions. According to Mr. Collins, Jr., such reform would lead to increased profits by boosting confidence among shareholders along with new market opportunities. He is confident that his proposed legislation will provide incentives as well as much needed clarity around Wall Street regulations and new opportunities for the small business owner.

Taking action on this issue
  • Joseph Collins Jr. proposed the Securities and Exchange Commission Reform Act.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission enforces penalties instead of providing education.
  • Entrepreneurs, especially urban entrepreneurs struggle without access to capital.
  • Educating entrepreneurs on the SEC system will contribute greatly to creating successful businesses and thriving communities.

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