Women's Equality in the workplace

Equality for women in the workplace

In 2023, new studies revealed an increased gender wage gap in comparison to previous years. Despite both men and women working equal hours in the same professions, discriminatory practices – such as setting lower pay scales for female employees – are still prevalent. Fairer policies need to be instated and implemented for true equality across genders to exist in the workplace. 

The latest study shows that while some countries are taking steps to close the gender wage gap, there’s still a long way to go. Women across all industries and backgrounds continue to earn less than their male counterparts for doing the same work.

It’s not enough to pay lip service anymore, companies need to take meaningful action if they want true change for gender equity. Companies must put policies in place that offer fair remuneration based on merit rather than gender. 

As your President, I will ensure employers everywhere create a more equitable work environment where all employees receive fair treatment and due compensation based on their experience, qualifications, and work ethic rather than their gender or race. Together we can advocate for better rights and make sure no one gets left behind!

Taking action on this issue
  • Join our campaign today and demand fairer opportunities at work, regardless of gender! Let’s foster a greater sense of support within our society by closing this wage gap once & for all!
  • Share my message with your friends and family if you believe everyone deserves equal pay! Together we can make progress towards closing the gap between genders once and for all! #EqualPayNow #josephcollinsjr #josephcollinsforpresident #WomensEqualityDay
  • Join us today and help spread awareness about this important issue – together we can fight for equal wages across all industries!

Take part in the building of a brighter future

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