Space exploration – Next Generation is one of the most exciting ventures that humans can undertake. Looking beyond our solar system to the vast expanse of the Milky Way galaxy provides a particularly thrilling destination. Although the technology exists to send spacecraft to distant places far away from Earth. The reality of exploring outer space in the Milky Way means venturing into totally unknown areas. This kind of expedition requires courage and imagination, as well as a great deal of resources and creativity. Advances in spacecraft navigation and deep space research mean that humanity has more opportunity to explore what lies in the corners of the universe. Allowing mankind to open our understanding about our own place in its grandeur.

With the enormous strides we have made in space exploration, it is becoming increasingly possible to reach out beyond our own solar system. The most successful mission to peer into the distant reaches of our Milky Way was the Hubble Space Telescope. From this incredible telescope, we can view stars that are more than 17 billion light-years away! This allow us to understand how our universe was created, it helps scientists investigate everything from asteroids to dark matter. Exploration of galaxies beyond our own could provide new information about what lies outside of our planet. Space exploration can also be used for future breakthroughs, that would benefit people on Earth.

America should be the leading voice in space technology.

Space exploration – Next Generation is a vital part of human knowledge and progress. By investing in it, will enable us to grow as a species. The vision shared by presidential candidate Joseph Collins, Jr. for increasing funding for space exploration in the United States is remarkable and inspiring. Increasing this type of spending will give us greater insight into our universe. It will as better prepare us for unforeseen future events that may come up. We must create new ways of propulsion and explore new energy sources if we are to reach further into space−this kind of investment gives us the chance to do so. In doing so, America could make history with their pioneering approach to understanding our universe.

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