Banking reform in America is an urgent and crucial need to protect citizens’ rights and property. Allowing banks to police finance by withholding funds from business owners without any explanation for up to six months cannot continue. This unfair process not only undermines the independence of business owners. Treating Americans like terrorists must not be tolerated. There needs to a balance between protecting our financial security and preventing abuse of banking systems. Banking reform can ensure that our resources are effectively managed, while defending Americans’ right to conduct financially secure transactions.

Banking Reform in America

This cannot be tolerated any longer. It is time to end this practice and establish new guidelines. I will give citizens ample freedom to handle their finances without having to worry about undesirable implications. We must stop treating Americans as if they are suspected terrorists. Consumers most have the ability to take control of their own financial affairs.

This punitive measure is damaging to both personal finances and business operations and must be changed. We cannot continue to treat Americans like terrorists. We will not allow banks to freeze accounts without due cause. Substantial banking reform is needed to ensure just practices towards all citizens of this country.

Joseph Collins Jr. will reform banking in America.

Banking reform in America is an important and necessary step in creating a prosperous future for the country. Amidst widespread confusion over the banking landscape, presidential candidate Joseph Collins Jr. has called for reforms that would hold banks accountable to the public. Banks have become powerhouses of finance at the expense of ordinary citizens; they have been known to hold business owner’s money without explanation or absent consent, and it is well past time that this unjust practice come to an end.

Mr. Collins’ proposed reforms include strengthening consumer rights and enhancing transparency to ensure equitable treatment of all customers. It is with these reforms in mind that we must strive to make 2024 the lead-off year towards greater financial prosperity for all Americans.

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